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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Review of Fort Fun, Eastbourne

This half term the boy and I were very lucky as we had company in the form of my partner and his two boys for the week.

We made the most of it and went to a few places, with the first being Fort Fun in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Fort Fun Eastbourne

I've never been before so I was probably as excited as the kids. Parking was easy and the location meant you could also spend time on the beach and at a beautiful park afterwards which was a bonus.


Fort Fun has a great mix of indoor and outdoor amusements, which was important that day as it was a typical, British hot, then cold, then hot day!

Indoor activities include a large indoor soft play adventure area which has sections for all ages, including a designated toddler area so they can play without the bigger kids accidentally bumping into them. The boys spent a very long time in the indoor play, as they pointed out there were "loads of cool slides, swings and bits to climb". This gave my partner and I some much needed quiet time with our coffees so I wasn't complaining.

There's also a restaurant next to the soft play which I was pleased to see offered reasonably priced food and drink, as so many places are really expensive. I was also told by one of the helpful staff that if you check-in on social media while you're there they give you a free coffee!

Outside there is a fun mini golf adventure area which include a waterfall. This was quite popular especially with the adults. 

Fort Fun Eastbourne
Mini Golf Area

Fort Fun Eastbourne
Mini Golf Waterfall

There's also a huge bouncy pillow that the kids spent most of their time on, as did my partner!

Fort Fun Eastbourne
The Bouncy Pillow Area
The splash park is probably the most exciting part of the outdoors, and it was the first bit the boys wanted to try. It has some great water slides, including a section for smaller children, and there's also some water guns at the top and a large swaying bucket which sometimes covers everybody with water without warning.

Fort Fun Eastbourne
Splash Park Area

The staff at the splash park get involved by playing games with the kids and squirting them with water guns which I think was a nice touch.

Fort Fun Eastbourne
Toddler Water Area

There are some great play areas, one of which has lots of climbing frames, sand and slides which the boys enjoyed as they all had to choose which was the fastest slide.

Fort Fun Eastbourne
Outdoor Climbing Frame

There was a diggerland area where they could sit on diggers and build things with the sand. This was good for when I wanted the boys to start winding down before we left the park as it really focused their thinking and relaxed them.

Fort Fun Eastbourne
Diggerland Area

Overall the boys had a great time despite the on/off weather. All of the activities were included in the entry fee, so it was really good value for money and it is definitely somewhere I shall be taking my son over the long summer holidays that are fast approaching!

No payment was given for this review, only ticket entry. All views are honest and my own. 

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