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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Out With The Old And In With The New

I've been through so many changes recently, including getting rid of an abusive partner, completing a year-long course in community development, dealing with a difficult depression and anxiety episode and losing weight!

After all of this I feel like having a life declutter, as some of these experiences have really shown me who cares about me, and what I want to get from life while I can.

I've made a start by decluttering my home, as this tends to make my mind feel a lot clearer!
Lots of things have been taken to charity shops and clothes banks, but I've also tried to sell a few bits to try to save up some much needed cash for Christmas.

Whilst I love going to car boots to get bargains, I'm not up for getting up at the crack of dawn and loading up my car to do one myself, so that's where eBay has come in handy!

All three of these items sold straight away!
Some things are easy to sell locally, but others are a bit more niche, such as the guinea pig walking leads, new hair straighteners and a child's wet-suit I have, so I bunged them up for ten days on eBay and sold all of them!

I was impressed with how easy and quick it was to upload each item using the eBay phone app, as it searches for the correct categories for you as you start typing in the item name. You can take one or more photos and upload them immediately and it even calculates what the postage price will be for you!


I am definitely going to keep using it to sell more items as I continue to declutter, because rather than just trying to sell in my little city, I can sell it across the country without having to get off my butt!

Once I've decluttered my home, I intend to then refresh areas of my life I'm unhappy with. This includes starting yet another new course as I love learning, and also starting to find things to do that make me happy and keep my anxiety at bay.

Any tips much appreciated!

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