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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Toy Review: Half-Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle

At the moment whenever the TV is on whilst Chunk is awake, he wants the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on. I don't mind, because I watched the original series during my childhood and I love how they haven't changed it in so many ways.

The Half-Shell Heroes are the same characters, but is a toy range that is suited to younger children, and we got to test one of the new toys this week.

The Half-Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle comes with Mikey (Michelangelo) and it features a forklift to lift anything from the baddies to other cars and trucks, or in Chunk's case, dinosaurs.

Half-Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle

Once you have captured something on the forklift you can flip them into the capture cage.

Chunk was VERY excited to get this in the post to test out, and he asked me to quote him because after all he is the expert.

He said: "I love the forklift because I can chuck the bad guy Shredder in the air and into Mikey's cage. I like that Mikey has a special seat when he's driving and it fits all my turtles if they want to explore".

This is aimed at children aged 2-4, but I think it's also appealing to slightly older, because it's not what I would call babyish which would put an older child off.

I like this because it seems sturdy and it matches his other turtle vehicles that he got for Christmas. Mikey is his favourite so it was going to be a hit regardless, but I do like how he is using it to look at what he can and can't lift, and what shapes will fit onto the forklift; Anything that is in line with the things he's learning at school at the moment are always a hit with me!

There are lots more Half-Shell Hero toys in the range which includes dressing up costumes which are on Chunk's birthday list.

And if your child is as turtle-obsessed as mine then you can also sign up to the Turtle Toys Collector Club which has a lot of competitions and things to do that they will love.

No payment was made for this review. The toy was sent for the purpose of testing and reviewing. All opinions are honest and my own. 

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