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Can Quitting Smoking Help You Look Ten Years Younger?

The impact of smoking on our health is very well known, but cigarettes also have a major impact on how we look. Smoking can add around 10 years to your overall appearance, whilst taking 10 years off of your lifespan.

Glasgow Facial Aesthetics expert, Dr Kieren Bong, said the best way for you to fight premature ageing from smoking is to quit as soon as you possibly can. This will give your health a chance to improve the quality of your skin which can be rejuvenated.

The sooner we quit smoking or switch to e cigarettes, the better it will be for our health, as we can limit skin damage just a month after quitting.

Can Quitting Smoking Help You Look Ten Years Younger?

Your Skin

Smoking affects the appearance of your skin, making you look older. Dr. Bong explained that even though skin ages prematurely as a result of chronic smoking, it can be hard to notice in the beginning. However, the more cigarettes you smoke over a long period of time, the more impact there will be on your skin.

Cigarette smoke is known to contain carbon monoxide, which can displace valuable oxygen in your skin. Nicotine also reduces blood flow in your body, which can leave skin discoloured and dry. Cigarette smoking can cut out valuable nutrients, including Vitamin C, which is known for helping to protect skin and repair damage.


Smoking can speed up the process of wrinkling, sagging skin. Dr. Bong says that the signs of any chronic smoker will include wrinkles and fine lines on the face, especially noticeable around the corners of the eyes and the upper lip.

Nicotine is known for narrowing blood vessels, cutting back blood flow to your skin. When you take in cigarette smoke, you are inhaling carbon monoxide. Blood can absorb this highly toxic gas at a rate of 200 times faster than oxygen. Carbon monoxide can effectively displace oxygen whenever it is coupled with your narrowed blood vessels and the skin ends up starved for nutrients, including Vitamin A, and oxygen.

Without enough oxygen, the skin cells are not able to function normally. This leads to more wrinkled, sagging skin. The chemicals found in tobacco smoke can damage the elastin and collagen in the skin, thus reducing elasticity along with luminosity and vitality.

Paired with sun exposure, chronic smoking will be a major factor for premature ageing. There will be repeated exposure to the heat from your burning cigarette, along with the repetitive muscular action that occurs with smoking, including the sucking in of your cheeks, squinting of your eyes and pursing of the lips. All of this will lead to wrinkling around your mouth and eyes.

Under-Eye Bags

Did you know that smokers will have a higher chance of dealing with sleeping issues? This can lead to bags under your eyes. Nicotine withdrawal at night can cause a smoker to toss and turn, suffering from poor sleep quality that will then leave them feeling and looking very tired.

Discoloured Teeth

The nicotine that is found in cigarettes can and will stain your teeth yellow, which can be another major player in making you look older.

Stained Fingers

Cigarette smoke contains nicotine, which will stain both your fingers and your fingernails

Thinning Hair

The toxic chemicals that are found in cigarette smoke can damage the DNA in your hair follicles, leading to thinner hair.

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