Thursday, 13 August 2015

DIY/ Upcycling: Decoupaging Vases

I'm very new to decoupage, which is basically decorating things using ripped napkins, paper, wallpaper just like we did at school!

However this is much more intricate and beautiful when done right, which is why I am still very much a beginner!

I bought some vases and candles from a 99p store and used napkins and gift wrap to decorate them.

decoupaging vases using napkins
The 2 Vases and Candle Holders I Decoupaged

I used some Rustoleum white chalk paint to paint the insides of the vases as white or clear are the best background colours to use when decoupaging apparently.

Ripping the napkin pieces rather than cutting helps the pieces to blend together on the vase, so I ripped up lots of pieces and then used a small, but thick paint brush to apply PVA glue to the pieces and stuck them on randomly. I made sure they overlapped as I liked the effect it gave.

Once it's dry, you then go over it with some watered down PVA and then a clear sealant to protect it.

decoupage vase rustoleum pva
The Pink Vase Was For My Mum & Purple Was For My Sister

They can take some time to apply, but they are quite relaxing to do! I definitely need more practice, and I found the purple butterfly gift wrap was harder to work with because it was thicker, so it needs to be soaked in water first to soften. 

I made the light pink vase for my mum and the purple for my sister for Mother's Day and it's really nice to see them on display!

Have you tried decoupage? If so add your pics in the comment section below!

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  1. very creative! Great presents for someone.

  2. These look amazing. Think I will have to bookmark them for a rainy day :)

  3. These look brilliant! Where on the earth do you find the time for all your upcycling projects along with evrythingelse?!

  4. Very creative and such a great effect. I've been looking for things for my bedroom but can't find anything I like may have to just have a bash at making my own pretty things.


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