Wednesday, 29 April 2015

DIY/ Upcycling: Chunk's Dinosaur Bedside Table

Yes I've been at it again!

Chunk has a bedside table that I was given a while back that he uses to put toys, books and his toy cash register on. It was very bland so I decided to get some wallpaper samples to liven it up.

Chunk is a dinosaur-obsessed boy and has been for the last two years, so I found some dinosaur samples which were of a T Rex (but looked like a crocodile) and a Triceratops.

All I did was cut the samples to size and glued them on using PVA. I then used Rustoleum Clear Sealant to seal the paper and hey presto!

upcycled furniture dinosaur bedside table
My Dino Upcycle!

It's not my best work, but it will do for Chunk's toys and books as I have no doubt he will scratch and mark it within seconds!

Have you made anything lately you want to show off on here?

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  1. It looks very simple to do but so lovely compared to the boring side table that it once was. I really like it.

  2. I love this! It is so satisfying transforming stuff you already own into something new and unique.

  3. That is awesome! I love it. I'd happily live with that in my own bedroom.

  4. Lucas says - ROOOOOOAARRRRR!! This is awesome. Me and the Mother love your work. We always get excited when you link up to #minicreations xx

  5. I love this. That's one special bedroom x


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