Sunday, 25 January 2015

Snow Play Fun!

This week we had snow, and it gave us a chance to do something different!

I noticed it as soon as I woke up, so naturally told Chunk to look out the window and his little face was a picture!

There wasn't a lot of snow, but enough to make footprints and mini snowballs, so we wrapped up warm and went straight outside in our pyjamas (before it melted!). 

I showed Chunk how to make snowballs by scrunching up snow in his hands, and we made lots of footprints on the pavement like dinosaurs.

At one point a neighbour walked past with her buggy, so we looked at the lines that the buggy's wheels made, and noticed how similar they were to train tracks.

We have some little stepping stones in the front garden, and Chunk enjoyed jumping across them and then throwing lots of snow off the nearby wall.

All this fun before 8am, who would have thought it?!

What do you do when it snows?

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  1. We would have been doing all this before 8am as well if there had been snow here. Sadly we have had none but enjoying making footprints and tracks in the sand instead yesterday, also fun and not so cold, one day we will have some snow too. Thank you for sharing your fun on Country Kids.

  2. I have been mainly shivering indoors watching all the fun through the window, I really am a Summer person!


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