Friday, 1 November 2013

My Weight Loss Journey: Week 2

This week I was my usual, unorganised self, so didn't manage to download my shopping list or the recipes for the menu plan before I did my weekly shop.

However, I just pretty much stuck to the previous week's plan, because I had some leftover ingredients, and I quite enjoyed what I got to eat!

Unfortunately, work has been MANIC, so every night consisted of me continuing to work before I went to bed, or feeling so drained that it was hard even lifting a cup of tea to my lips, so fitness DVDs remained on the shelf!

Despite this, I managed to get a nice surprise, losing 2 pounds!

I am trying to be more organised this week, but already I have been to a child's Halloween party, where sausage rolls and cakes begged me to eat them, so anticipating a nasty surprise for week 3's weigh-in :(

Week 2 Stats
Weight loss: 2lbs
Waist inch loss: 1inch
Weight left to lose: 3 st, 10lbs

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