Saturday, 18 May 2013

Is SAAF Skincare The Cure For My Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

It has now been nearly 14 months since I gave birth, and unlike those celebrities that have got their pre-pregnancy, tight and toned bodies back (because they can afford cleaners, chefs, nannies and personal trainers), I have not managed to shed all the pounds or even attempt to improve my battle scars!

But now I am finally going to get around to trying to wake up my dull, dry, stretch-marked body, because SAAF have send me their Eraser Body Oil to try!

Ever since I gave birth, my stomach is just so dry which it never was before I got pregnant. I never knew how many stretch marks I had accumulated until my stomach reduced back down (well half way back down) so I got quite the nasty shock!

I have always had some stretch marks, as my weight has gone up and down since I was a fat, tall, frizzy-haired teen, but it still isn’t nice seeing new, bright pink lines next to those pale gold, ancient ones.

I'm not a huge believer in products curing things like stretch marks and cellulite, but at the same time I am always willing to try them just in case. SAAF sent me their Eraser Oil one week ago, and I have been using it a couple of times a day (or just once when little man distracts me), and I am quite impressed.

According to SAAF, the oil is "nourishing and protective, and helps to calm irritated, itchy skin that can be associated with stretched skin during pregnancy." It contains all natural ingredients, including Safflower Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil, which SAAF say helps the skin's regeneration, reduces pigmentation and scars, and promotes healthy skin renewal.

SAAF Skincare Stretch Mark Cream

Obviously my stretch marks won't be removed within just a week, but even after the first application my skin felt soooo soft, and even when I got up the next morning it was still the same. I have really noticed a change to the texture of my skin, particularly my stomach, as this is where I have concentrated on applying it most. You don't need to use much each time, as it spreads quite far, so hopefully the bottle will last!

Whilst at the moment I can't comment on whether it reduces stretch marks as the product claims, I can definitely say it really helps return moisture back to the skin, and I imagine this itself can help fade scars and marks. I will continue to apply the cream until it runs out (sob), and I can then update this post with more results.

The Eraser Oil looks and smells like something you would get in a spa or beauty rooms- it has a fruity smell, possibly mandarin, that is not too overpowering, and unlike some oils, I didn't feel like I needed to scrub my hands before I made every little thing I touched greasy. It's easy to see it is a good quality oil, as my skin just soaked it up and there was no nasty residue that you can get with other brands (ahem, baby oil).

I would recommend this to anyone who is pregnant or still recovering from your pregnancy, as I think it can give your body the nourishment that the baby drains out of you during those 9 months (not to mention the amazingly dry hands you get from washing your hands every 5 minutes during those first few months with your newborn due to everything having to be sterile). I am just gutted that I didn't have a product like this during pregnancy, because maybe I would have had less of those dreaded stretchies!

The only thing that would make this oil better for me would be to have a gorgeous man rub it into my skin every night- I can, but dream!

If you want to buy this oil go to SAAF Skincare, and as a special present to you lovely readers, you can have 35% off any SAAF product until the end of June 2013:- Just use the code 'TOTS35' at the checkout.

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