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I'm a qualified social worker, freelance journalist, sub-editor and proofreader based in Sussex.

Most importantly, I'm a single parent to my gorgeous 4-year-old son, who I call Chunk within this blogs.

I currently write pregnancy blog: The Pregnant Pessimist, parent blog: Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist and plus size/tall Fashion and Beauty blog: Tall, Curvy Mumma.

Within social work, I assess foster carers & kinship carers on a freelance basis for local authorities & IFAs.

Writing is my passion, particularly if it can help to raise awareness and/or empower people in a positive way. As a teenager I spent my spare time working as a youth consultant for local councils, charities and organisations to advocate for the needs of young people/mental health/sexual health and more. Through this voluntary work I began to write for my local newspaper (The Argus) on their monthly young people's page about the different ways young people could fight for their rights, feel empowered and access support services in the area.

This gave me the 'writers bug' and I've been a writer ever since. When I became pregnant in 2011 I began to blog about my pregnancy journey, and from there on it has become a passion and concrete part of my life.

Journalism and social work are two careers where writing (and writing well) is essential, and I strongly believe the written word is the most effective way to engage and expand your customer base.

What I can offer

Sponsored posts, product reviews, advertising banners and giveaways on my parent & lifestyle or fashion blogs

Proofreading, editing and rewriting content


Feature articles for newspapers/magazines

Freelance article/blog writing

Social work assessments (Form F, Form C, SGO, Pre-birth etc)

To enquire about any of the services I offer, get in touch using the Contact Me page.

My Media Kit can be found here.

Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist

Tall Curvy Mumma
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  1. I am really glad that I stumbled upon your blog. Always a nice read =) #pocolo


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