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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Giveaway: Pure Green Skinny Coffee Detox Program

Last weekend's beautifully warm Easter bank holiday gave me the kick up the bum I've needed to get bikini-bod ready for the fast-approaching summer, and I've even managed to organise a giveaway for you guys!

This week I've been on a mission to set up a plan so I can no longer make excuses as to why I'm still a chunk, and it's included trying a coffee that helps with the initial weight loss.

The Pure Green Skinny Coffee 28 Day Detox Program is easy (yay!) because all it involves is drinking one cup of coffee a day and all of the ingredients are natural which is a must for me.  Apparently it helps because it is an appetite suppressant, it reduces bloating, boosts metabolism and has antioxidants to hydrate the skin.

Pure Green Skinny Coffee

I've been drinking it for a few days now and already noticed I'm less bloated, so I imagine it's helping my water retention. It contains the herb coleus forskohlii which helps to improve digestion, and the coffee includes unroasted green coffee which contains high levels of chloro-genic acid which burns fat, boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite. I need all of those so I was keen to try it!

The coffee also uses nettle, dandelion, vanilla and raspberry which also aid weight loss. I don't usually go for detox programmes or slimming aids as I don't trust the chemicals in them, but because this one is completely natural I've had no qualms about it.

Apparently green coffee can be taken in tablet form, because the taste is unique and not many like it, but the Pure Green Coffee Company have spent time dabbling with recipes and come up with this which isn't bad. I was taking it with breakfast, but have read that it's best to take just before a workout, so this week I have sorted out an exercise plan and I'm going to drink it before each session to see if it gives me the energy boost I need to get the best out of my workouts.


If you want to win this Pure Green Skinny Detox 28 day detox then all you have to do is complete any of the below tasks and each one will give you free entries. It's as simple as clicking my Facebook page to get an entry so will only take a few seconds!

Pure Green Skinny Coffee 28 Day Program #7

Pure Green Skinny Coffee

If anyone else is trying this or something similar please let me know how you get on, and I'm always happy to receive tips on motivating myself to continue with healthy eating and weight loss as I struggle!

Good luck if you enter, and the giveaway ends 15th May 2019.

The 28 day detox was sent to test for the purpose of this review. No payment was received and all opinions are honest and my own. 

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