Saturday, 30 July 2016

How I'd Dress The Bloke For The Day (If He Ever Let Me!)

I know a few women who have full control over their partners' wardrobes and it got me thinking about what I would do if I had that same power for the day with mine.

How I'd Dress The Bloke For The Day (If He Ever Let Me!)

I've never been a girlfriend who dictates what my partner wears because quite frankly I don't want them to think they would then have the same right to do so with me!

The Bloke has quite a traditional, formal style which is definitely not something I would pick for a man, as I much prefer modern day smart-casual look on a guy.

He wears suits, shirts and ties most days for work- if I could burn every single tie he owns I would, but instead I just grin and bear it.

House of Fraser have got a great Spring/Summer collection out at the moment and they have a great range of the smart-casual style I adore. So if I had one whole day where I could style him in anything, these would be the day and night looks from their current range:

Day Time

How I'd Dress The Bloke For The Day (If He Ever Let Me!)

He would most definitely have Emporio Armani black boxer shorts to start the outfit, as I love simple boxer shorts on a man.

I love bold polo shirts during summertime because for me summer is all about expressing yourself through loud, bold and bright fashion. The Polo Ralph Lauren Dip Dye Polo Shirt does exactly this as it has two bold shades of blue.

I would pair this shirt with some Hugo Boss C-Maine Dark Wash Jeans and some Dune Boat Party Lace Up Classic Leather Boat shoes.

The outfit would be topped off with some gorgeous sunglasses. I have a huge selection of sunnies because I suit all shapes and sizes, but The Bloke has a face which suits aviators best.

I love these Ray-Ban Blue Mirror Polar Pilot sunglasses because the colour is stunning and it would match the blue shirt perfectly. I would also then borrow those glasses to use myself as they would clearly suit men and women!

Night Time

How I'd Dress The Bloke For The Day (If He Ever Let Me!)

I have always loved the colour baby pink on a man, so pink shirts are pretty much guaranteed foreplay for me, so he would wear the Polo Ralph Laurent Oxford Shirt.

I would team some black Armani J21 Gaberdine Trousers with the shirt, and top the outfit off with some stunning black Officine Archieve L L Tc Os Brogues.

How would you style your partner if you had the chance? Comment below!

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