Friday, 26 September 2014

#My3Things Positive Parenting Motivator: Week 10

My 3 Things linkyAs you know #My3Things is my way to try to value myself and my parenting a bit more, so I've created this and a linky for other bloggers to join in with too.

Each week I list three things that have not gone so well that week, three things I want to focus on improving next week, and ending the post with three things I've done really well. The reason it's in this order is because you should always end on a positive! 

It's not about telling yourself off, or criticising, it's about self improvement and recognising the skills and good things about us which we always ignore. Yes it starts by looking at what wasn't too good, but this is so you can reflect on why these may have gone wrong and then look at how to avoid this next week- we learn from our mistakes!

The linky is to keep me and you guys motivated- thanks to all those who joined in last week and hope to see you again this week! 

If you don't have time to write a post like this, feel free to link up with a post you've written this week showing happy parenting times or achievements!

3 Things That Were Not So Good This Week

  • Chunk has had chicken pox, meaning I've been living on little sleep and had a very whingy, scratchy child.
  • Chunk has been refusing naps despite being shattered, resulting in an even whingier and at times more aggressive child after nursery.
  • Chunk has been scratching and picking the scabs on his face so I'm gutted he may have face scars!

3 Things I Want To Focus On Next Week

  • Continuing my diet and attempting some workouts again.
  • Upcycling some furniture.
  • Getting more organised to avoid forgetting things!

3 Things I've Done WELL This Week

  • Started a dietchef diet which is helping me to shift some pounds.
  • Chunk tried ballet and I had my very first tattoo- a large one of my son's name and a phoenix rising from it!

Now It's Your Turn...

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  1. What a fab idea for a post. I do a weekly post on a Sunday reflecting back on my previous week and find it really helpful to think on how it's gone and what I can do better next week. Although I don't have children, so it's not the same thing. I have a couple of tattoo's and have always thought about getting a phoenix on my back :)

  2. It is really tough when they stop napping, isn't it? Well done to him for trying ballet! #BinkyLinky

  3. Well done on starting the diet plan! Sorry to hear about the chicken pox, they are awful when they are young #binkylinky

  4. Ooo let me know how Diet Chef goes. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  5. An over tired child with chicken pox cannot have been easy.I hope he;s feeling better #binkylinky

  6. It seems we both have very similar 3 things again this week! Good luck for the diet chef plan I have heard great things about it xx

  7. Yikes! No napping and chicken pox! I bet that has been awful. We're in the process of dropping naps here too and it can be tough near bedtime
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

  8. Oh no! Sorry about the pox! It's horrible. I hope he is on the mend soon and not too itchy. M hasn't had it yet, and I am dreading it, even though I know he needs to get it and be over with it.


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