Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Chunk's Very First Photography

I was taking photos of Chunk putting a puzzle together a couple of weeks ago, and he suddenly became quite interested in my flashing camera!

I decided to let him have a go on my camera for the first time and thought I would share his very first photo snapping session with you guys.

There were some rather hideous ones of me pulling faces that I omitted from this to avoid offending you, but overall I think he took some random, but sometimes quite artistic pics!

My Armpit
Car Love
Chunk's First Self Portrait: The Foot

My Artistic Budding Photographer Toddler!

The Ceiling

The Playmat Corner

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  1. Ahhh what a lovely post and photos too! A photographer in the making!

  2. Lol thanks I shall pass that compliment on!


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