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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Giveaway: Pure Green Skinny Coffee Detox Program

Last weekend's beautifully warm Easter bank holiday gave me the kick up the bum I've needed to get bikini-bod ready for the fast-approaching summer, and I've even managed to organise a giveaway for you guys!

This week I've been on a mission to set up a plan so I can no longer make excuses as to why I'm still a chunk, and it's included trying a coffee that helps with the initial weight loss.

The Pure Green Skinny Coffee 28 Day Detox Program is easy (yay!) because all it involves is drinking one cup of coffee a day and all of the ingredients are natural which is a must for me.  Apparently it helps because it is an appetite suppressant, it reduces bloating, boosts metabolism and has antioxidants to hydrate the skin.

Pure Green Skinny Coffee

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

The Kindness of Strangers

I'm overwhelmed by the private messages, Instagram DMs and emails I've received over the past two days after people read my post about how I'm currently holding on to life as best I can.

The majority have been from people I've never met and it's amazing how many have said they have, or do, feel the way I currently do.

kindness of strangers

Some have emailed with concern and asked me to see a doctor. Don't worry, I know when the symptoms get bad enough to need some intervention and thankfully I'm not at that stage at the moment. I do check in with doctors and even did a few weeks ago, and I've tried various medications, but they all have nasty side effects that make them hard for me to take.

I'm taking it day by day and today has been a better day than the last two. I busied myself with gardening yesterday afternoon, which is a great distraction and workout at the same time.

I've refreshed my memory of all the techniques I spent most of 2017 learning that I shared with you last year, and have started listening to a guided meditation by the late, great Louise Hay which talks to your subconscious to encourage the negative thinking process to reduce.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Holding On

Yes it's been a long time since I last posted.

A lot has happened since last summer and to be honest I've not felt the urge to disclose all for once in my life.

As the title says, I'm just holding on.

I don't feel all 'woe is me' and I certainly don't want sympathy from anybody.

I'm not one of those bloggers who wants to make everything seem happy and fun, so if things aren't going great, I tend not to beat around the bush, and if I don't feel like writing, then I just don't.

holding on

Through Instagram and Facebook I've posted many quotes that reflect the way I'm feeling, and I've had the odd little post about some of the sad times like my nan dying, and the happier times like meeting my partner.

But no matter what has been happening my crazy head is still very much crazy. I may have moved house and gone for that fresh start, but I cannot get a fresh start from my head.

This head eats away at me, my son and anybody that dares come near it.

The depression and anxiety are in constant battle with each other which in turn stops me wanting to do anything and I can lose hours inside my head without noticing that I've done it. It stops me achieving the goals I so often long to achieve;

Monday, 20 August 2018

School Holiday Activity Ideas

This time last year I was struggling from what I like to call School Holiday Syndrome, but this year so far it seems to have been a lot more enjoyable. Now don't get me wrong it's not been a breeze at all, but I have tried to be a bit more creative in finding things for him to do.

I don't know about you, but he is becoming a bit screen obsessed, always asking for his DS, the TV or a tablet. I am that nasty parent who doesn't like him on computer games for more than an hour a day, yet it doesn't stop him going on and on about it!

I thought I would write about things that have worked well this year so far, in case you have kids who are beginning to get bored in their fourth week of the holidays! Please add even more ideas in the comments below, because I will need them!

Some Successful School Holiday Activities This Year


School Holiday Activities
Doing the 'dab' on a tree sculpture
Now that we have a little pooch we have done a lot more walking this summer and it's inspired me to find the more interesting areas of Sussex to do this in.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Toy Review: Ravensburger FIFA World Cup Puzzle Balls

I'm sure many of you are enjoying (or like me not enjoying) the current World Cup being shown on television (usually during my precious Emmerdale).

This year it's the first time my six year old has been interested in the game and we actually sat and watched the England vs Panama match this weekend all the way through. He has always loved doing puzzles, so when I was given the opportunity to test out the new FIFA 3D World Cup Match Ball by Ravensburger I knew he would be very happy to try it!

Ravensburger FIFA World Cup Puzzles

We also got a couple of other FIFA puzzle balls from earlier years which can be found quite cheap on Amazon.

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