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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

How I Manage Anxiety And Stress

Stress... we all have it in different shapes and sizes, but as I'm getting older there seems to be a lot more of it so I've been looking at ways to control it.

Anxiety And Stress: How I Deal With It

During the summer I was under huge stress due to having a huge depressive/anxiety episode. I basically had a breakdown, which was the worst I've encountered since they began when I was fifteen years old.

I was born with an anxiety disorder as you know, which has got progressively more difficult to manage since having my son five years ago. This summer it escalated higher than ever to the point where I was scared to be home alone, but I was also scared to be around people. I was scared to be out in public even in places I know well, such as dropping my son to school or going food shopping. I was scared to eat, scared to sleep but also scared of how I felt without sleep.

I was having panic attacks daily that were lasting at least four hours, which would result in my body shaking, dizziness, my jaw clenching to the point my teeth hurt constantly, pacing my mother's garden from 5am until 9am straight most days, and feeling like my heart was going to explode.
I even had many occasions where I struggled to be around my son. I could see he only wanted to hug me to make me feel better but I couldn't cope with human touch. I couldn't even cope with the smell of food in the mornings so found it hard to make him breakfast.

On many occasions over the last few months I've been suicidal. It's not that I don't love my son and family, and people would say "think about your son he needs you" and all I felt was that actually no; He didn't this shell of a human that couldn't look after herself let alone him, and who was in mental agony all day and night. I was exhausted. My body was literally giving up. I lost a stone in a week as for two months I could barely even eat one meal a day. My anxiety would kick off from 5am so I wasn't sleeping, and even now I can't sleep past about 6am so it's still not improved hugely.

Anxiety And Stress: How I Deal With It

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Healthy Breakfast Ideas using Ready Brek

Now winter seems to have made an appearance, I'm trying to finding warm, healthy breakfasts to start the day.

Porridge and warm Weetabix are my easy go-to choices, but Chunk can get bored so I've been looking at ways to spice breakfast up a bit without using sugary cereals.

I've been sent some Ready Brek to try out and I was surprised to see there's a lot that can be done with it. Ready Brek is thankfully a very easy and quick breakfast to make in the mornings while I'm rushing around getting Chunk and I ready for school and work. It's also nutritious and designed to give you long lasting energy which is perfect for my son to get through a morning of hard concentration at school.

ready brek cereal
Ready Brek Are Offering Despicable Me 3 Prizes At The Moment

One of my favourite things to do with it is to mix it with homemade granola dust, which only contains natural sugars from dried fruits. It contains a little bit of pure cocoa powder as well as a range of nuts which help to boost brain function and energy. I use the Jamie Oliver granola dust recipe from one of his books and it's so easy; You just bake it for a few minutes and then blend it and it lasts for weeks!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Toy Review: Stretch Mini Justice League

Now we're in November I'm increasing my search for Christmas toys for Chunk and his cousins, so expect a few reviews of the best ones I find!

My son loves anything superhero, so I'm confident the new Justice League Stretch Armstrong range from Character will provide me with some good stocking fillers.

Toy Review: Stretch Mini Justice League

The range includes 7 inch figures of Batman, Superman and Flash. I chose Flash as he is the only one that we haven't got any toys of in Chunk's huge superhero collection.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Toy Review: BRIO Wooden Doll Pram

Well that 'C' word is fast approaching us now we are more than halfway through October, so I've been looking into what toys will be good to get for my son, niece and nephew.

My niece is 18 months old and I came across this really cool Wooden Pram by BRIO. Most prams I've seen tend to be plastic and very girly, whereas this is unisex and is built to last through the rams and bumps my niece would do on a daily basis.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Competition: Win A Vremi Espresso Maker and Wine Preserver

Who else likes proper coffee and wine?! Most of the parent population I imagine!

Vremi Espresso Maker and Wine Preserver

I was sent the Vremi Espresso Maker and Wine Preserver and loved them so much I'm now giving away a set for one of you lucky readers.

The Vremi Espresso Maker is great as it's a small kit which enables you to make classic italian espressos in less than five minutes. It makes six espresso shots, and features an easy grip handle. You can use it on a gas or electric hob, which means you can even take it camping!

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