Monday, 8 May 2017

Toy Review: Scooby and Puzzle

During the holidays we managed to have a lot of days out, but now he's back at school I've been looking at ways to entertain him in the late afternoons when we want to chill at home.

He was sent a couple of great toys this week which have thankfully been great for after school, so thought I would share them...

Scooby Madness

Scooby Doo Mystery Mini Vehicle and Mini Figures by Character are great little toys that don't cost a packet. The vehicle set is part of a range of three vehicles, the Monster Trawler, Monster Catcher and Monster Motorbike. They each come with an action figure and are aimed at children aged three and above.

We got a Mystery Minis figure pack to go with the vehicle, which contained two figures. These packs contain a mixture of the good guys and baddies, and we managed to get Scooby himself alongside a zombie figure.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A Review of Birthday Parties at Funplex

Chunk turned five last week (where has the time gone?!) and after a successful party at Brighton Funplex three years ago, I decided to have it there again this time.

A lot seems to have changed for the better with the Funplex parties since our last party, because this time we had our very own party host!
Jake greeted me and showed me to our party room which was already laid out with plates and cutlery for lunch.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Toy Review: Half-Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle

At the moment whenever the TV is on whilst Chunk is awake, he wants the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on. I don't mind, because I watched the original series during my childhood and I love how they haven't changed it in so many ways.

The Half-Shell Heroes are the same characters, but is a toy range that is suited to younger children, and we got to test one of the new toys this week.

The Half-Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle comes with Mikey (Michelangelo) and it features a forklift to lift anything from the baddies to other cars and trucks, or in Chunk's case, dinosaurs.

Half-Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle

Once you have captured something on the forklift you can flip them into the capture cage.

Chunk was VERY excited to get this in the post to test out, and he asked me to quote him because after all he is the expert.

He said: "I love the forklift because I can chuck the bad guy Shredder in the air and into Mikey's cage. I like that Mikey has a special seat when he's driving and it fits all my turtles if they want to explore".

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Win a Chipex Car Paint Repair System Worth £64

If you're anything like me you own a car that has a few scratches.

I know I'm responsible for some of them, but some lovely person decided to key my car recently and I'm in no position to afford a respray. Thankfully I have found a company who sell a paint which can cover these nasty scratches so I'm going to put it to the test.

Chipex Car Paint Repair
Before and After with Chipex

Chipex do a range of car touch up paint which can cover stone chips, scratches and other minor paintwork. You order a colour that matches your car's original surface, and luckily it's easy to use.

I'm quite impressed with what it can do, and I've got a Chipex bundle to giveaway to one of you lucky readers! Just go to the Gleam form below, good luck!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Birthday Gift Ideas for Chunk

Childrens Birthday Gift Ideas

Chunk's birthday is fast approaching so I've started to hunt for presents. As he's getting older it's getting harder because he's a lot more fussy!

These are the things I've found so far, which may well help you if you're stuck for some gift ideas:

Lion Guard Talking Plush (RRP £24.99, for ages 3-6 years)

Lion Guard Plush Toy

As you know from some of Chunk's toy reviews he's a fan of The Lion Guard, so a talking plush was a safe option. I chose Kion, but you can also get Bunga.

They have a light up 'Mark of the Guard' arm badge and they say four phrases. Kion's phrases include roars and wanting to go on Pride Land adventures, whilst Bunga uses more humorous quotes.

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