Monday, 24 October 2016

Can Quitting Smoking Help You Look Ten Years Younger?

The impact of smoking on our health is very well known, but cigarettes also have a major impact on how we look. Smoking can add around 10 years to your overall appearance, whilst taking 10 years off of your lifespan.

Glasgow Facial Aesthetics expert, Dr Kieren Bong, said the best way for you to fight premature ageing from smoking is to quit as soon as you possibly can. This will give your health a chance to improve the quality of your skin which can be rejuvenated.

The sooner we quit smoking or switch to e cigarettes, the better it will be for our health, as we can limit skin damage just a month after quitting.

Can Quitting Smoking Help You Look Ten Years Younger?

Your Skin

Smoking affects the appearance of your skin, making you look older. Dr. Bong explained that even though skin ages prematurely as a result of chronic smoking, it can be hard to notice in the beginning. However, the more cigarettes you smoke over a long period of time, the more impact there will be on your skin.

Cigarette smoke is known to contain carbon monoxide, which can displace valuable oxygen in your skin. Nicotine also reduces blood flow in your body, which can leave skin discoloured and dry. Cigarette smoking can cut out valuable nutrients, including Vitamin C, which is known for helping to protect skin and repair damage.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Why Forest Schools Are Great For Kids

Until recently I had never heard of forest schools, but now I know more about them I thought I'd share the benefits of them for children, because they're pretty impressive!

Forest schools are for children and families and are run by trained forest school teachers across the country.

Why Forest Schools Are Great For Kids
Fernee Forest Club

They involve exploring the outdoors to learn about our natural environment, but in a way that develops our confidence and self-esteem.

A new forest school has recently launched in Brighton, called the Fernee Forest Club, so Chunk and I have been to a couple of sessions and he's absolutely loved it.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bing Bunny Halloween Activity Ideas

Chunk is now at the age where he enjoys Halloween so I've been looking for arts and craft ideas to entertain him during half term.

To celebrate this weeks launch of Bing:Show… And Other Episodes DVD, we were sent a Halloween-themed box of goodies to enjoy. I'm giving away 3 copies of the DVD so enter my competition!

Bing Bunny Halloween Activity Ideas

This DVD is the eighth and final volume in Season One, following Swing, Storytime, Paddling Pool, Fireworks, Surprise Machine, Music and Cat. The DVD comes with paper cut-outs of the characters where families can enjoy creating a scene, prefect for a night in this Halloween!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Tip And Tricks To Find Free Stuff

There are so many different discounts and free products online, and contrary to popular belief, these are often things you need or would use.. Most people enjoy saving money, which is why freebies are so popular. 

You do have to be cautious when laying claim to your free stuff though. Some offers come with strings attached, and you must be a savvy "shopper" to take advantage of all the best deals, so here are some useful tips:

Avoid Scammers

Always watch out for scammers, particularly online. Scammers know that many people would do just about anything to get a good deal. Therefore, you have to be smart. Before you enter your information in a website, do your research to find out if it is legitimate.

Always be cautious about what information you do choose to share. Some sites will want access to your social media profile, for example. Think about what you want to let the world know about you. Make sure you don't give too many personal details that would make you vulnerable to identity theft.

Many sites use the term "free" loosely. You may have to exert a bit of effort to get the product, for example. So, you have to decide if what you are getting is worth a few minutes of your time or not. Don't just try and score a deal because it is free. Go after deals that you really like, so you are not wasting your time.

Tip And Tricks To Find Free Stuff

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Toy Review: Spiderman and Alien Mission

The shops are filling up with toys and games in the lead up to Christmas, so here are a couple of toys we've recently tested out that are ideal kids gifts.

French toy retailer Megableu asked us to test a couple of toys from their fabulous range, so Chunk chose Spiderman and Alien Mission.

Spiderman features the superhero himself and a laser gun. There is a base Spiderman jumps onto and it projects shadows of a villain (Rhino) onto walls and ceilings. The player has to shoot the shadows with the laser gun before they disappear. There are three speed settings which add to the fun too.

Toy Review: Spiderman and Alien Mission

Chunk loves this game because he is a big fan of superheroes. As a kid I loved games where I could shoot things so it's a game even I enjoy playing, which always helps when he wants to play the game for hours on end.

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