Wednesday, 15 February 2017

National No Smoking Day 8th March 2017

National No Smoking Day has a long history in the UK, with the first ever event taking place back in 1983, on Ash Wednesday. Since then, the Day has taken place on the second Wednesday in March each year with the British Heart Foundation backing the idea since 2011. No Smoking Day promotes giving up through positive encouragement, education on the benefits of stopping smoking, and advice about the best ways to quit.

National No Smoking Day 2017

The health benefits of stopping smoking

In our hearts, we all know that smoking is bad for our health. For anyone thinking of quitting, spelling out the health benefits of quitting can be a powerful motivator. Here are just some of the health improvements you’ll see, if you stop smoking:

Longer life

Statistics relating to smoking and longevity make for grim reading, with around half of all long-term smokers dying prematurely, from diseases such as lung cancer or heart disease. No matter what age you decide to stop smoking, it will increase the odds of you living to a healthier, happier old age.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Toy Review: Lion Guard Hyena Hideout Playset

Chunk has been sent another toy from the Lion Guard range to test out and he's had a great time!

He was sent the Lion Guard Hyena Hideout Playset from Just Play, which is a mini playset that can be combined with other playsets from the range. Chunk put it with this Defend the Pride Lands set he got last year so he could create a huge adventure for the characters.

The Hyena Hideout has many features including:

- A pull down branch to close the bone jaw jail

-Another branch can be pulled to launch a boulder at the enemy

-The Janja figurine

- A lava trap

-When the boulder collides with the tree, the tree breaks

-If the boulder rolls in the other direction the rock bridge collapses.

Friday, 3 February 2017

My #FamilySuperPowers

Since hearing about npower's new #FamilySuperPowers campaign to celebrate superpowers parents can have, it's got me thinking about whether I have any.


Peter Andre has been travelling the country to find out about the many superpowers so many parents possess, from getting twins to feed and sleep at the same time to getting fussy eaters to have a balanced diet.

A lot of us parents are quite humble and would say those things are 'just what us parents do' but this has highlighted to me that actually we need to start blowing our own trumpets as this stuff ain't as easy as it looks!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

My Weight Loss Journey- Back to the Gym

Since attempting to go sugar free this January I have managed to get a lot more energy back and signed up to a gym!

Back to the gym

I used to go to the gym before I had Chunk and it really helped me get fit and it also helped balance out my anxiety and depression (the endorphin buzz you get straight after a workout is amazing!).

I have liked going back to the gym as it is my time to just blast some music and focus on nothing but my body, but I've noticed that my body is older and has aches and pains during workouts as well as afterwards.

I've always had bad knees due to my hypermobile joints, so running and even walking on an incline can cause pain. To reduce this I have had to invest in some decent trainers; I've always been reluctant to pay a lot for trainers as I don't think there's anythign wrong with cheap ones, but now I have more pain in my joints I wanted to see if they would help.

I've Been Sugar Free For 3 Weeks- Here's How I'm Doing...

At the start of January I was feeling at my worst. I have been eating really poorly for the last two or three years as I've been an exhausted, time-limited single mother of a young child.

But I cannot use that excuse anymore. As you saw last year I began to think about going sugar free because I had watched a documentary that really hit home to me how dangerous processed sugar is for humans.
Sugar Free Diet

I began to make a change, but as usual life got harder and I got less organised. But recently I have read more on the dangers on sugar and have felt more determined than ever to make a lifestyle choice.

It's really hard to come off processed sugar because it's in nearly everything! It's in bread, white rice, crisps, most shop-bought sauces and even in stock cubes.

I've been reading books such as the famous 'I Quit Sugar' which is also a great website full of recipes which I have been attempting, and I've also been reading Paul McKenna's new book which aims to help you reduce your cravings and desire for sugary foods.

Both have helped a lot. It does take a lot of planning as you basically have to make everything from scratch, but if you get into a habit you can batch cook and freeze a lot of it.

I've managed three weeks so far, with only the occasional hiccup when I have eaten something not realising sugar was in it and I'm quite proud of this!

Being sugar free with children

This has been more tricky, as when he sees his dad at weekends it all changes as his father unfortunately has a different view on sugar despite my moaning. It can also be hard to find things Chunk wants to drink, let alone sugar and sweetener free.

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